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About the Croatian Language School and Linda Rabuzin

Learn Croatian from United States to Croatia

The Croatian Language School (CLS) was established in 1997 by its principal, Linda Rabuzin and is committed to satisfying the exacting requirements of all its students. Our client base includes both corporate and private students, and we offer courses across the full spectrum of abilities, from complete beginner to advanced level, including tailor-made training programmes.

Our individual Skype lessons provide the full benefit of face-to-face tailor made courses, without the stresses and strains of travel, and we can also arrange group Skype courses for up to four people of a similar standard. Your tutor will be on one side of your computer screen, and your interactive lesson, or text, will be on the other side, so that you and your teacher can edit, amend, or correct the text while you are talking to each other.

CLS is unique in the depth and breadth of Croatian language courses it offers, and we have established an international reputation for our flexible and dynamic immersion courses which are held in various locations throughout Croatia several times a year. These immersion courses are designed to expose students to the broad and diverse cultural and geographical character of the country and are adapted to suit each student’s style and pace of learning. Courses are open to students from all over the world and the continued success of these courses has culminated in the opening of the Croatian Language School’s Croatian base on the island of Lošinj. Courses at the school in Lošinj are held regularly for group classes as well as for individuals looking for more intensive language training.

In line with our students’ suggestions and aspirations, and with the aim of maximising their opportunities to improve and make use of their developing knowledge of Croatian, in 2012 the Croatian Language School introduced into its portfolio the ‘Croatian Language and Culture’ programme.

Since then, in June every year, we take our students to Croatia and during the week-long programme, students have twelve hours of lessons in language tuition and a special programme of excursions  where they have the chance to practise their Croatian amongst themselves, with native speakers, excursion organisers and tour guides, around town, in shops, restaurants etc.

At CLS we are committed to providing students with innovative courses to meet differing, or constantly changing, demands whilst maintaining the highest standards of education. Our mission is to fulfill all of your linguistic goals and to make that journey as stimulating and rewarding as possible.

Whether you are planning a trip to historic Zagreb, a holiday on the Dalmatian coast, business dealings with Croatian clients, or would simply like to learn a new language, the Croatian Language School has a programme that is right for you. Contact us to find out more.

Bringing Croatia To You

Linda Rabuzin
Principal of the Croatian Language School

Linda is a Croatian national who was born near Zagreb and has lived in the UK since 1996. She has a BA from the University of Zagreb and also speaks fluent French as well as fluent English. She has worked as a Croatian and French language teacher in Zagreb, Lausanne (CH) and London in prestigious language schools and centres.


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