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Croatian Business Services

The Croatian Language School offers an array of services for individuals and businesses that require:

We Mean Business

These days, as we all know, English has become the first foreign language of choice for business people throughout the world, which has proved very helpful for business communications in general. In Croatia English, as well as German and Italian, is often used to conduct business. However, if you are really serious about getting the most out of your business dealings in Croatia and establishing productive lasting relationships, a positive rapport and that vital sense of trust with your Croatian counterparts and customers, then there really is no substitute for gaining a mastery of the Croatian language.   How often do problems arise due to errors in translation and interpretation, how often are opportunities missed due to a lack of cultural affinity with your market, how often is market intelligence and customer feedback misinterpreted and the real meaning of information gleaned misunderstood, if you do not have a good understanding of the language of the market in which you are operating?

By gaining a sound knowledge of Croatian, you will be demonstrating to your customers and business partners that you foresee a long-term commitment to their market. The very fact that you have taken the trouble to learn their language will indicate that you really mean business and this is likely to lead to more positive and relaxed negotiations and a better outcome for your endeavours. Just because most international business people can speak English doesn’t mean you should expect them to do so and, in any case, their mastery of English is often a simplified, mid-Atlantic version devoid of any understanding of British cultural roots. The dividends for taking the trouble to gain a degree of fluency in your customers’ language will be reflected in your own business success as well as your own self-esteem, confidence and personal prospects.

And this is where the Croatian Language School can help you. We are the leading UK based centre specialising in the study of the Croatian language and culture and we can provide Croatian business language training with real added value, teaching in a flexible way using the latest teaching methods and highly-trained teachers, who can tailor the tuition to your particular needs. Depending upon your specific goals, tuition can be on a one-to-one basis or in small groups and can take place at the school itself in Ealing, West London or, in the case of individual lessons, online via Skype. Should you require it, the School can even offer intensive one to two week immersion courses on the island of Lošinj.

We base our business language courses on an intermediate to advanced level of language training and topics covered will enable you to learn and practise a spectrum of business skills, including:

The ability to write professional emails

The capacity to make or answer professional phone calls, furnishing you with the phrases you will require for this purpose

The wherewithal to conduct interviews and meetings

The vocabulary you will need to enable you to ask the right questions and provide answers at a job interview

The skills needed to deliver business talks and make business presentations as well as to open business meetings, lead discussions, arrive at agreements and resolve disagreements.

The vocabulary you will need to hold typical conversations in a social situation as well as that required when travelling, enabling you to make hotel reservations, book flights, rent a car or communicate with taxi drivers.

Whatever you are seeking to achieve, we look forward to hearing from you and will do our very best to tailor a course in line with your requirements.