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Croatian Website Localization

What is Croatian website localization?

This can be described as the process of adapting an existing website to the Croatian language and culture. This involves much more than a direct translation of text. It revolves around modifying the original material according to Croatian language and culture while at the same time preserving the integrity of the website.

This process encompasses content as well as images. At times the text will need to be slightly altered for it to resonate with Croatian readers. What works well in English does not always flow in Croatian. Specific sayings and proverbs may not have a proper equivalent in Croatian.

Images have a great impact on user experience. It is important to maintain a uniform brand throughout. However, adapting or even replacing some visual elements to appeal to the Croatian visitor will again improve user experience.

There are also many technicalities to be considered such as the correct use of currency symbols, telephone numbers and date and time formats.

A culturally adapted website reduces the conscious effort a visitor has to make when compared to a direct translation of a foreign site, which makes it seem more natural and will elicit a more favorable response from the visitor.

What can the Croatian Language School do for you?

With a longstanding tradition in Croatian language services our team will adapt the content of your website to best serve the target market of Croatia employing cultural sensitivity and guaranteeing the best response to your site by Croatian visitors.

We communicate directly with your web development team to coordinate the necessary adaptations to design or navigation or alternatively we can implement these adaptations at our end for you.

We can offer Croatian search engine optimization in order to insure that your website will perform well in Google.hr

Localizing your website for the Croatian market allows the Croatian language version of the Google search engine to best understand the theme of your site, whereas with a direct translation this could result in confusion of the Google bot.

Localizing your site will already improve the chances of being found in Google.hr
We at the Croatian Language School can further enhance your rankings to make sure
that your site reaches the maximum amount of your target Croatian audience.

Contact us for a tailor-made approach.