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Case Study 11 – Alister

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November 20 , 2019 |

Case Study 11 – Alister

Alister has recently completed an immersion course with the Croatian Language School on the island of Lošinj. In this interview he tells us a little about the experience and his motivation to master his mother’s tongue!

Alister enjoying a local beer

1.  Could you give us a little background about you, your Croatian heritage and how well you already know Croatia and the Croatian language?

I’m half Croatian; my Mother is from Split and I spent my summer holidays with my Croatian family. I have a deep love for the country and I visit whenever I get the chance. As a child, I never really learnt to speak the language; I learnt a few words/sayings, for example, budi dobar, čekaj and a lot of swear words, which may say a lot about either me or my cousins?! 🙂  In 2016 I also got married to my wonderful wife in Split, so the place and country have a very special place in my heart.

2. What made you decide to take an immersion course on Lošinj?

The airy classroom

I’ve been learning for quite a few years now but due to work and life I have found it difficult to keep up with my studies. Therefore, I thought I would try a different approach by doing an immersion course so that I would focus just on speaking and learning the language. Plus it was a good excuse to see another part of Croatia.

3. Did your experience of Lošinj, in terms of your learning and also your leisure time, match up to your expectations?

Very much so. I learnt a lot, and I got to practice in my own time. I also managed to have a bit of time wandering around the Island and getting to speak to some locals.

4. What did you enjoy most about the course?

Head Teacher Linda Rabuzin

Going for lunch with Linda!

5. And least?

To be honest there was nothing I didn’t enjoy about it.

6.What would be your top five tips for someone else contemplating doing this course?

a) Go for it!

b) Wander around the old town 

c) Go to the beach whenever you can

The path to the local beach

d) Enjoy the lunches

e) Bring sun cream

7.What are your plans in terms of carrying on with the Croatian language?

I will probably do another immersion course next year, and ‘try’ to do more in my spare time between now and then.

8. What do you think makes Croatia such a special place to visit and do you have any favourite places or customs?

Everything!! The food, the people, the pivo i vino, the sun, the sea….I could go on!!





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