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Overview Croatian Language Courses at CLS

The Croatian Language School offers a wide variety of courses in London, Croatia and Skype tuition. Explore the links below for more information:




There are many and varied reasons why students decide to embark on a Croatian language course.   Some are trying to discover their roots, some have family reasons, some because they have purchased property in Croatia and some simply because they love the place and want to enrich the times that they spend there. With the entry of Croatia into the EU in 2013, there is also a growing demand for Croatian language classes with the emphasis on business usage.

Once motivated for whatever reason to embark on a Croatian course, there are all sorts of ways that this can be undertaken. The Croatian Language School offers group language classes as well as one-to-one lessons, either at the school’s headquarters in Ealing, west London or via Skype enabling students from all over the world to receive the tuition they require.

Learning a language in this way is a very good place to start, as classes can be incorporated into everyday life and supplemented by private study and exploring the internet for transmissions and texts in Croatian. For those who visit Croatia regularly for their own reasons and therefore have the opportunity to try out their new-found skills by themselves, Croatian language classes in Ealing or via Skype may be all they need to develop a sound basis on which to build.

For those who wish to take their study further in a more structured fashion in Croatia, the Croatian Language School offers opportunities throughout the year to do just this. The School has a base on the island of Losinj where intensive week and two week-long courses are held on occasions during the spring and summer. There is also the possibility by arrangement to spend a long weekend in Zagreb on a one-to-one basis. This mini Croatian language course provides the opportunity for complete immersion in the language for a few days together with the chance to get to learn about the history and culture of this charming city or hearts situated at the very heart of Europe.

Each summer the school also arranges a week-long summer language course usually towards the end of June. The venue varies from year to year which enables students studying in the long term to get to know different areas and aspects of the country. These summer Croatian language courses incorporate twelve hours of language tuition in small groups complemented by excursions within the chosen area. Over the past few years these summer courses have been located along the Dalmatian coast in Cavtat south of Dubrovnik, in Orebić on the Pelješac Peninsula and on board a small boat cruising from Split to Dubrovnik. Next year it is planned that the summer language course will move north to the Zadar area and plans are already well advanced.

So, as you can see, there are as many ways of studying Croatian as there are reasons for choosing to do so in the first place. And you need look no further than CLS in Ealing to get off to a flying and highly enjoyable start. Sretan put!