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Croatian Language And Culture Course – Day Five: Flavours And Scents Of Rab Island

Croatian Language SchoolnewsletterCroatian Language And Culture Course – Day Five: Flavours And Scents Of Rab Island



Croatian Language And Culture Course – Day Five: Flavours And Scents Of Rab Island

On location blogger, Julia Molden, illuminates us on some of the highlights of Day Five of our week based on Rab island, studying the Croatian language and absorbing its culture as we learn about many different aspects of the islands natural and historical heritage.

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

After lessons concluded today we were in for a treat.  Our destination was a house with a garden, leading down to the sea, which was full of herbs and flowers that the owners used to make biscuits and cakes, as well as oils and body creams, and we were to receive a demonstration and then participate in making some sweet smelling products to remind us of our stay here.

A welcome drink of pomegranate juice and some beautifully fragrant biscuits, made with rose petals, awaited us and we wandered down the garden to the sea looking at the lavender, immortelle, rosemary and much else that was growing all around the path.  It reminded me of Sandbanks, near Poole, fifty years ago and I hope it endures longer into the future as it is, than that did.

Once everyone had arrived, we sat down at a long table heaving with cut herbs and rose petals, as well as essences of all types, olive oil, salt and empty containers of various types, and the fun began.  First of all some organic cake mixture, to which was added some lavender, was blended in a bowl.  When it was all mixed together, we all spooned some into individual paper cupcake containers, which were then whisked off into the oven so that they would be cooked before we left.  After that we all took three tablespoons full of natural salt and put it on our plates as the first step towards making bath salts.  To our individual helpings we added the herbs we fancied, as well as torn up rose petals, and then some drops of whichever essences took our eye.  After mixing it all up, we then spooned the bath salts into clear jars, sealed them with lids and stuck a label on our jar saying ‘hand made with love’.

Then we moved on to organic olive oil which we poured into small bottles, into which we had already placed our chosen herbs and rose petals.  Then after adding a few drops of our chosen essence, we again sealed our bottle, gave it a shake and stuck a label on it.  Finally beeswax mixed with olive oil was heated up and passed round, with each one of us pouring a small amount into a little, flat tin with a lid.  Again we chose which essence we wanted to add and then left the whole mixture to cool down and set before putting the lid on.

By this time our cakes had cooked and we all had one, some of us topping them with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice.  After some bread with delicious butter, also flavoured with herbs, and then yet more cake, any plans of dinner that evening had gone out of the window, although a trip to the dentist might have been in order for some of us.

We came home clutching our masterpieces, and some of us also bought some of the real deal, made by our hosts and sold in their little cabin at the bottom of their garden by the sea.   It was a wonderful contrast to the modern, mass-produced world we normally inhabit and using the products we had bought, and more particularly made, will take us back to memories of earlier days – not to mention of our time spent on Rab, which is now sadly hurtling towards its end.


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