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Croatian Language And Culture Course On Rab – Day Four: Krk

Croatian Language SchoolnewsletterCroatian Language And Culture Course On Rab – Day Four: Krk



Croatian Language And Culture Course On Rab – Day Four: Krk

Julia Molden continues her travelogue on the escapades of our happy band of Croatian Language and Culture Course students,  as they embark on an all day tour of Krk island with an early start and high temperatures. Clearly they are all made of strong stuff as they managed to sing with gusto in the minibus on the way home!! The previous day was a rest day but that didn’t stop a few of them taking in a beautiful sunset over dinner.

The Long and Winding Road

Tuesday was a rest day – apart from our challenging lessons of course.  In the evening Linda and the co-residents of the school house decided to go up the mountain for supper in a restaurant with gorgeous views and delicious food.  Our minibus driver for our excursions, who luckily lives nearby in Mundanije, collected us in a smaller vehicle and took us effortless up the narrow track depositing us outside the restaurant.  We had a platter of cheese and proscuitto to start, followed by a mouth-watering lamb ‘pod peka’ and, when it was time to leave, our minibus driver returned and drove us expertly back down the mountain to deliver us safely back home.  It was then swiftly off to bed in preparation for our early start on Wednesday.

We were up at six o’clock and ready for the off at 6.40 to get into the minibus once again and drive into Rab town to collect the rest of the group.  Then it was off to the ferry but not to the one I would have expected, from Lopar to Valbiska on Krk, which would have involved an hour and a half’s crossing to deliver us to so tantalisingly close to where we were aiming to be.  But that would have been just too simple and would have meant getting up even earlier as that ferry departed at 6.00am.  So instead we were headed to Mišnjak on our way to catch the ferry back to Stinica, from where we had arrived on Saturday. This is a much shorter and more regular crossing and we arrived on the mainland at about 8.45 but we then faced a two hour drive along the coast road, up to the bridge onto the opposite end of Krk from where we wanted to be.  So be it.

The journey passed quickly and we had good views of Goli otok and Krk as we drove along, stopping for coffee at Senj on the way.  Once over the bridge onto Krk we had about another half hour of driving to reach Krk town, on the south coast of the island and oh so close to, yes you guessed it, Valbiska!

My first impressions of Krk were that it was much more touristy than Rab, but it seemed equally well endowed with churches, two of which we visited at the outset of our tour of the town.  The notice on the door of one church told us that Holly Mass took place at 6.30am daily, which caused some amusement and comment from our group but, I thought, if Holly chooses to get up that early, it is entirely up to her!  After passing by the Cathedral Treasury, we went inside Saint Joseph’s church before arriving at the Frankopan castle and we were given the opportunity to visit it on our own before lunch. However, given the heat of the day, most off us headed to a nearby café for a reviving drink before moving on to our designated restaurant for lunch.  After that we hopped back into the minibus for a trip out of town to visit St Lucia’s abbey, where was discovered the Baška tablet in 1851.  It is written in glagolitic script and dates back to the eleventh century. On it are mentioned the names of Croatia and King Zvonimir for the first time in Croatian and it is considered the baptismal certificate of Croatian culture.

In Vrbnik we went for a walk through the cobbled streets of the old town and visited the narrowest street in the world, which is only 43 centimetres wide in places.  We finished off our day in Krk with a wine tasting, where we sampled a wide variety of wines, before returning to the minibus once again for our long journey home.  It was a jolly journey with music and singing and we finally reached Stinica at 20.29 for the 20.30 departure and drove straight onto the boat before the ship gates closed behind us.

Another memorable and challenging day with lots to mull over.



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