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Croatian Language And Culture Course On Rab Island– Day Six: Fond Farewells

Croatian Language SchoolnewsletterCroatian Language And Culture Course On Rab Island– Day Six: Fond Farewells



Croatian Language And Culture Course On Rab Island– Day Six: Fond Farewells

Julia’s entertaining series continues with a report on the last day of our Croatian Language and Culture Course on the island of Rab. Many thanks to Julia for keeping the rest of us up to date on news, activities, language learning and the occasional tidbits of gossip. Perhaps the juiciest bit of the latter was our noble leader’s heroic resolution of a tricky, and normally time consuming car-related situation, without missing the ferry!! You’ll need to go back to Julia’s early reports for that!

Day 5 It’s All Over Now

And so once again we come to the final day of this year’s adventure, which has sped by in a flash.  After all the months of preparation and anticipation, tomorrow we will be heading home with our heads full of memories and Croatian grammar and vocab, after an exciting and stimulating week on Rab.

We all had one more lesson left on Friday, although for various reasons some of the group didn’t actually make it, either through choice or emergency.  But those of us who did, strove purposefully on in our attempt to brush up our language with some even starting to crack jokes in Croatian.

In the evening we all gathered together once again for our final dinner by which time the weather had turned very close and threatened a storm.  As we sat outside at the Restaurant Gonar, drops of rain began to fall and, although a large umbrella was brought out to shield us, some at the end of the table were left exposed to the elements and covered their heads with their napkins for a short while.  Luckily at that point, a large group who were sitting inside, under cover, finished their meal and left, and we were all able to decamp to their table.  When we had finally all eaten our main course, it was decided that it was time to call it a day and, after a long time spent by the restauranteur sorting our everybody’s bill, we all said our farewells and piled back into our cars to return to our separate homes.  We were all too tired to call by the school house to finish off the wine, which Tony had brought from his vineyard for the welcome party.

When Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, all that remained was to pack and set off to our various destinations.  Tony called by the school house early to collect his remaining bottles, before setting off with Nick back to Cavtat by car.  Donna was due to arrive in Linda’s car, which she had been driving all week, to pick up Linda and John for their return to Zagreb.  Lisa was also returning to Zagreb, for a flight to Sarajevo, as were Dr John and I for our flight back to Heathrow. Sarah and Leo, only, had a short drive home to near Rijeka, while our visitors from Australia and the USA,  Trish and family, and Philip Paspa and his, were extending their stay in Croatia for a little longer, before their long flights home around the world, as was Manije before returning to the Netherlands.

Linda announced that next year’s trip would be to the islands of Brac and Šolta, further down the Adriatic near Split, and hopefully many of us will meet up again there and continue our discovery of this beautiful land and our attempts to master this bewildering language. Thank you Linda for once again working so hard to produce a wonderful week, which will live long in all of our memories.

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