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Spring Into Croatian – Budding Croatian Speakers Bloom With Us

Croatian Language SchoolnewsletterSpring Into Croatian – Budding Croatian Speakers Bloom With Us



Spring Into Croatian – Budding Croatian Speakers Bloom With Us

Here at the Croatian Language School we celebrate the individuality of our students. People learn in different ways and want different things out of their language learning journey. Some want to be able to hold their own in any situation; some to integrate more into their new Croatian neighbourhoods, and others need to focus on a particular area of business with its own  specialist vocabulary.

Classrooms have their place, and so does picking up the language by ear in the course of conversation. However, if you want to master the language quickly, you need a solid foundation and an experienced teacher that tunes into your own style of learning, your motivation and your ambitions.

Many of our students stay with us for years, building layer upon layer of Croatian language proficiency. In two years, with two lessons a week, normally one-on-one via Skype, we can teach most people to an advanced level of fluency. However, like all living languages, there’s always more to learn and you need to practise regularly to maintain your level and improve on it.

Croatian is a hard language but, once you learn the foundations the right way, you will advance rapidly with us and your sense of achievement will be phenomenal. You can experience that progress very intensely on one of our immersion courses in either Zagreb or Lošinj, real boosters to the weekly learning process and also a great opportunity to explore a new location. You’ll have plenty of time in between your (normally) two double lessons a day, to have fun, practice on locals and explore your surroundings. Or you can take an add on culture element where we can network you with local producers and tourism and culture experts.

All our courses are structured around a basic core but tailored exactly to you and your requirements. There will be the more formal kind of exercises where you can practice a new element of grammar or vocabulary, but for some of the lesson it will be like having a conversation with a very kind and patient friend. This will leave you glowing with the pride and confidence which comes from knowing you actually CAN speak Croatian; better still you can speak it properly!

Head teacher Linda is an experienced teacher of Croatian as a foreign language. A native speaker herself, she is the first to acknowledge that just speaking a language definitely does not qualify you to teach it! You need to learn how to teach a language and then you need the experience of working with many different students to hone your skills. That’s not all either! The best teachers are really great at getting the best out of their students and keeping lessons fun and interesting. That takes plenty of empathy, as well as noticing the tiniest morcel of subliminal feedback from students that says they’re tired, or struggling, or need a bigger or smaller challenge. You won’t notice all this, you’ll just come out of each lesson with a smile on your face – a combination of achievement, fun and friendship.

Spring is in the air, why not contact us for a trial lesson? Maybe you want to go faster than the classroom scenario allows, perhaps you’ve got stuck before in your Croatian language learning journey and need to grow your confidence slowly, or maybe you picked up Croatian by ear and need to learn the grammar better to progress.

Whatever the challenge, we’ve got a solution. Get in touch and find out exactly how we can tailor lessons for you.

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