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The Island of Rab Awaits: Whet Your Appetite Here

Croatian Language SchoolnewsletterThe Island of Rab Awaits: Whet Your Appetite Here



The Island of Rab Awaits: Whet Your Appetite Here

Is it really only two months before the Croatian Language School 2024 Culture and Language trip on Rab? Yes it is!!

Here are some snippets of what’s coming up in our June visit based on extracts of the programme, tailor made for us by our tour guides Katurbo

Flavours and Scents of Rab Island Workshop

In the atmospheric garden and a family surroundings, right next to the sea, you will have the opportunity to learn something about indigenous herbs that grow on Rab. We will bake and taste a homemade cake, and make our own butter like real masterchefs. Lovers of natural cosmetics will enjoy making scented salts and balms from ecologically grown and indigenous plants.

Goli Otok Excursion

Popularly called the Croatian Alcatraz, Goli otok (Bare Island) is an uninhabited island and, as the name suggests, is almost
completely barren. Far enough from any inhabited islands and the mainland, exposed to strong winter winds and sea currents, this island was an ideal place for a prison from which it was almost impossible to escape.
Goli otok was the first used as a prison for  Russian prisoners of war in the First World
War. In the Yugoslavian era of  Josip Broz Tito, the entire island was turned into
a top secret labour camp and high security prison for political prisoners, with the nearby island of Sv. Grgur being a similar camp for women.

Rab City and Island Tour

We will walk through the stone-paved streets of this former Roman fort, surrounded by high city walls that guarded and saved Rab from numerous invaders who tried to appropriate a piece of prosperity as well as an excellent geo-military position on the sea.Liburnians, Romans, Goths, Hungarians, Italians, Germans walked along Rab city and island, and now we will try to tell a part of the rich history and culture of this city

If you’re not joining us in person, get ready to follow along with our daily (almost live!) blogs.

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