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Wine Tasting On Vis



Wine Tasting On Vis

In this, the last blog of a wonderful trip, our happy band of wanderers refresh their imbibing skills. As this year’s Croatian Language School Culture and Language Course draws to an end, the group does not let a steep climb up Mount Hum impede the degustation of fine Croatian wines. Thanks again to Julia Molden for her tireless energy and good humour in chronicling our travels.

Maintaining the Tradition

A CLS immersion course would not be a CLS immersion course if it did not contain a wine tasting evening.  Such evenings have become an established part of our week in Croatia.  

We started training on Sunday with our meal at the end of our military tour in a restaurant attached to a vineyard, resulting in our sampling four of their wines starting with their local white and finishing with a full bodied red Plavac Mali.  

Today after our lessons we went to the first vineyard where we sampled a white Vugava and a red Plavac Mali accompanied by home-made/grown snacks.  To check that we had not over-indulged at this stage of the afternoon, we were then driven up to the top of Mount Hum and climbed the final 200 metres on foot.  This provided spectacular views at twilight of the bay and town of Komiža.

Having proven our right to continue with the wine tasting, we were driven to Lipanović winery near Vis, located in a military tunnel which has been converted for wine production and storage. The island is riddled with such tunnels, some of which have been put to this good use by wine producers.  Here we sampled three different wines.  Unusually we started with a dark rosé, which surprisingly was light and refreshing.  Then we moved on to the white Vugava and red Plavac Mali, again washed down with nibbles.

Not surprisingly the evening ended in boisterous good humour.

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