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20 Webcams to Keep You in Touch with Croatia

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May 4 , 2020 |

20 Webcams to Keep You in Touch with Croatia

For those who are missing not being able to get to Croatia due to the Covid-19 crisis, we can at least have some fun with the various live webcams around the country. Via webcams, we can see – and in one case hear – the sea, and look at what’s going on in popular places:

By Brian Gallagher

Author: Kamran.nef

Dubrovnik: a great view of the Stradun.

Hvar: this is of the seafront, with a moving webcam that often rests on the Franciscan Monastery. It also has sound, meaning you can hear the waves of the Adriatic. Most atmospheric!

Split 1: a good view of the Riva.

Split 2: a splendid panoramic view of the Riva seafront, great view at night.

Split 3: a view of the port, ferry enthusiasts should keep a look out on this one.

Zadar:  a view of the St. Donatus church and the Cathedral of St. Anastasia.

Korčula: a good view of Korčula town, also impressive at night.

Pula: for yachting enthusiasts, the marina.

Sutivan, Brač: the riva.

Bol, Brač 1: a moving webcam showing the Bol seafront.

Bol, Brač 2: another Bol moving webcam, this time at the marina.

Postira, Brač:  Prja Bay

Poreč: a moving webcam showing the port.

Vodnja:  Istria – Narodni Trg.

Samobor:  Main Square.

Rijeka: the marina, with sound

Rogoznica: the seafront.

Varaždin: the castle can be seen in the background here.

Mali Lošinj: a moving camera showing the sea and the beach.

Lošinj:  Veli Žal beach.

The Zagreb Ban Jelačić Square webcam has been down for some time but hopefully will be restored at some point.

Note: Occasionally some of the webcams do go offline, but they often come back after a short time.

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